Study: Legal Weed Encourages Teens To Smoke Pot

CBS Seattle

NEW YORK (CBS Seattle) – 10 percent of high school students who would otherwise be a low risk for habitual pot smoking say they would use marijuana if it was legal, says a new study.

The researchers define low risk as kids who don’t smoke cigarettes, have strong religious beliefs and have non-marijuana smoking friends.

The study says that for high school seniors there would be a 5.6 percent increase in lifetime pot use prevalence. Since 45.6 percent of seniors admitted to smoking marijuana in the study, that suggests legalization would increase the number to 51.2 percent.

“Lifetime prevalence increases as adolescents age into adulthood. So by age 26, 64 percent of young adults in the U.S. are expected to use marijuana in their lifetime in the current policy context. We don’t know whether those found to be at risk in this study are the same adolescents that are going…

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